"Ruby Wine" is done!!

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with help from the QB regarding the layout, my Father-in-laws quilt was done on time for his 89th birthday. I'm calling it Ruby Wine because the binding I bought happened to be two different colours - not that you can notice it - one was marked wine and the other was marked ruby - both looked red to me! Any ways...Ruby happens to be my FIL 2nd wife and mother of my husband - she passed away 18+ years ago and this quilt will be a good reminder of the life they shared together (I hope) ... Inspector Cat also approved
Sad update: My Father in Law suddenly fell ill the day after we gave him his quilt for his birthday. He actually spent his birthday day waiting in the Emergency Room at our local hospital. The family decided on emergency surgery due to bleeding internally - success - cranky, but recovering, 36 hours later he had cardiac arrest and was on life support. One week after his actual 89th day of birth, he passed away. We spent all night with him, and I believe that he waited until we left him that he decided to leave us. He is now with his vey own Ruby, and I'm glad he used his quilt for 1 or 2 nights. He insisted on keeping it on his bed to show his housekeeper and care-giver. And now another quilt story has ended
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