The Sad Little Elephant

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by , 06-07-2012 at 04:00 AM (554 Views)
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I am almost completely mortified to post this but here it goes. I was in need for a gift for a friend who collects elephants and also sews. After some help from a board member I finally got a pattern for a stuffed elephant and decided to make a pincushion. I was so excited to make this but knew that it may be a challenge for me since I still have not mastered sewing curves or using very small pieces. So today I sat down determined to complete this. After about two hours of sew and rip, sew and rip the little guy is done. Needless to say Eddie (that is what I have named him) is SAD. His front legs are smaller than his back ones, his forehead is smushed in, there is a hump on the front of his back, and his trunk has a crook in it. His ears came out great though. LOL. Eddie is so sad that I now have to decide should I stitch a happy face or a frown on him. Oh by the way did I mention I forgot his tail. So I decided I would let yo guys decide happy face or sad face. Eddie will still be going to this friend with of course another gift that I'm sure she will love. He will have an adoption form explaining that after much care by a well intention caregiver he now needs a loving home with someone that can appreciate his oddities. So with much distress I now present to you Eddie, (the sad little elephant)
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  1. DawnA's Avatar
    oh my gosh, Its like Eyore the Elephant! You could play on that and make a tack on tail and a sad face Its cute nevertheless.
  2. spokanequilter's Avatar
    I think he's darling!!! Eeyore indeed.....
  3. Beequilter's Avatar
    Really cute. I think you underestimate his darlingness and how well you did!
  4. TeresaPendino's Avatar
    I have to agree with Beequilter, he is absolutely adorable! You did a great job!!!! She will LOVE him! Happy Face
  5. JBecker's Avatar
    Sweetie I think you did a wonderful job. Just remember that "done is better than perfect". I'd be thrilled to get this from any friend of quilting buddy. I'm sure she'll love it and appreciate all the effort you put into making it.

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