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Sad Monday

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by , 11-07-2011 at 08:24 AM (1445 Views)
I received word yesterday that my ex-MIL passed away. She passed away on my daughter's birthday which is really sad. DD is okay with it. She was with her Grandmother at the end and so glad she got the chance to nurse her and spend quality time with her the last two weeks. DD had her for 35 years so she has lots of great memories.

I played in my sewing room yesterday morning trying to banish the sadness after hearing about the deal of ex-MIL. I did some sewing and was able to feel a little better.

The funeral is on Wednesday in another town. I will take time off to be there to support DD. She will probably be a wreck which will break my heart even more to see her so sad to lose her Grandmother.

I'm at work being very busy with documents to send out and put away. It's nice to be busy when you don't want to think about the next few days. Looking forward to having Friday off for Veteran's Day. DD and I may go to the North Florida Fair to look at the exhibits and check out the little circus that came with it. I love funnel cakes and I will definitely be stuffing my face with one of those. We may also get a chance to go to JoAnn's to get zippers and fabric to so DD can start making her Christmas gifts in the sewing studio.

I am awaiting the arrive of my Singer 301 machine. I'm expecting it by Thursday this week. Can't wait. I really lucked out with this machine, the previous one I bid on went for the price of $270.00, so I saved $63.00 and got a bunch of attachments that the other one didn't have. I'm very excited about my "new" machine.

I hope everyone has a nice Monday. {{{HUGS}}}


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