San Luis Obispo, CA

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by , 04-29-2012 at 06:21 AM (858 Views)
I don't usually write about being out of town ... but

I called a quilt shop to find out what their weekend hours were because I had talked my husband into doing a mini quilt shop hop on our way north. Imagine my delight when she asked if I knew about the quilt show in San Luis Obispo the coming weekend!

To make a long story short, I convinced my husband to backtrack about 50 miles and hang out in our camper while I did the quilt show - it was FANTASTIC! The quilts were beautiful and vendors plentiful. I don't usually buy too much at quilt shows, because I consider them impulse buys and I try not to do that, but I walked out with a kit, a pattern and a mini-kit of precut applique pieces (I provide the backgrounds).

I told my husband that we would have to do it again next year. He was happy that I had such a good time. Now we know that there is something for both of us in California during the month of April.

I took almost 300 pictures of quilts - I usually make my first one the label - that way I know about the quilt - I make my second one a full picture - the last pictures are any close-ups I may want.

Now I need to learn how to do powerpoint so I can enjoy them on my computer.

Happy Quilting ...
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  1. LeslieFrost's Avatar
    What fun! Sounds like you and hubby are a good pair.
  2. w7sue's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LeslieFrost
    What fun! Sounds like you and hubby are a good pair.

    Yes, we are. We met almost 40 years ago (1975) and have been married for almost 31 years! I think we make a great pair - our daughter tells me that I must be nuts that he drives her crazy. I tell her that when she finds the right man, she will want to make him happy and that in turn makes her happy too.

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