Santa/Noah Ornament

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by , 11-08-2012 at 01:38 PM (1341 Views)
Ladies, I think I have fixed the problem. Here is the ornament .pdf file. Please feel free to download it from here.

Thanks for all your patience.


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  1. grandmaof3's Avatar
    Thank you for the pattern
  2. KathyPhillips's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by grandmaof3
    Thank you for the pattern
    Thanks for the pattern!!
  3. Dogwood Quilter's Avatar
    So glad you figured this out. I got it downloaded. Thanks a million. Now to get around to doing some. I hope others will post pictures on this thread of what they have achieved.
  4. dart1's Avatar
    Yes, thank you for taking the time to figure this out for everyone.
  5. juneayerza's Avatar
    Thank you Amy for getting this pattern for us.

  6. mommessy's Avatar
    Thank you so much for the pattern!
  7. JuneBillie's Avatar
    Thank you Amy, I just downloaded it, and I love Noah too. hehe....I am hooked on your all year tree, but may have to compromise, and ask my hubby if he could get some wooden dowels and try to make me one. Also, I would love to see more of your primitive and/or antiques you have around your home. The little part I seen of your home showing me the year round tree is so pretty. Sorry I got off track here, but couldn't help myself. hehe...
  8. RachVerthein's Avatar
    Thank you for the pattern!
  9. pmrosie's Avatar
    You are the best! Thank you.
  10. TacoMama's Avatar
    Thanks for posting the pattern.
  11. SallySaidSew's Avatar
    Thanks. I think this is an adorable pattern.
  12. gd40214's Avatar
    Thank you so much. It will be great for the little ones at church.
  13. QuickStitch's Avatar
    Thanks so much. It is adorable.
  14. quilter 1234's Avatar
    thank you very much. it was very generous of you. Quilter 1234
  15. daisydebby's Avatar
    Just downloaded your pattern. It's so cute. Yes, you need to challenge ALL of us who borrowed your pattern to make at least one and post a picture I just need to figure out how to post pics....What fun...
  16. quilt51's Avatar
    thank you so very much!
  17. djbs's Avatar
    Thanks for the pattern,
  18. DebraK's Avatar
    Much appreciated!

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