Santa's Village pattern by Thimble Creek

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by , 01-04-2014 at 07:21 PM (1139 Views)
I am searching for quilt pattern called Santa's Village by Thimble Creek. Only found it on one website, Elaines' out of St. lake City and she said they all went on sale 50% off last week and sold out. Wrong answer for me! Darling funky Santa in center of pieced green blocks, trees and houses around outer border. It was a 2012 pattern I think. Was on Ebay, gone now. And I cannot find ANYONE with any information on it, can't even get info from Thimble Creek. Does anyone have this who would like to sell. Or let me borrow and return back?? I'm on a mission to find this pattern and hate taking no for an answer! Thanks for searching and any info. Syliva in MT
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  1. sylvia11310's Avatar
    Should be signed Sylvia in MT, misspell there.....
  2. Rntraveler's Avatar
    Second Chance Fabrics
    7081 N. Marks Ave #104, PMB 167
    Fresno, CA 93711
  3. sylvia11310's Avatar
    Have this pattern now.... Thanks for comments.

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