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by , 07-20-2014 at 05:40 AM (891 Views)
I keep a folder on my hard drive called Quilt Ideas. It is in my Pictures section. If I see something Online, I take a Print Screen of it and paste it into my MS Paint program. I crop the picture to the pertinent facts and then save it by naming it by the date [ today is 20140720], then the source of the picture. That way, I always know where it came from and can give credit where credit is due. I can always find it again to post a link on the QB if I wish to share it in the future. For instance, the picture below is named 20140720 QB ladyjane
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  1. Girlfriend's Avatar
    I love your idea. While I save pictures of quilts that I love, or sparks an idea, by dragging and dropping, I don't have the data that goes with it.

    Your answer provides the solution. Thanks for your idea, and also, for all that you do.

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