Scam update and off to quilt!

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by , 10-28-2013 at 08:39 AM (931 Views)
For all you that read about our attempted scam from the sale of hay(off the state hay board!)--despite my DH willingness to be part of a "sting" the is actually no crime against us cause we were too wise to fall for this scam--the bank that the fake cashier's check "drawn" on is the one that gets to pursue it. And they really never wanted hay--only our $$. Now, the part that I find incredible (wasn't there a tv show about stupid criminals??) is that the scammer continues to send my DH emails & texts wanting him to get the $$ sent to the "hauler"! Duh! You'd think that since it's been 3 days she would be thinking "uh oh--hit the road!" Talk about guts--or stupidity!

Finshed both my sampler quilt and the Vets quilt yesterday. Did a panto on the Vets quilt--does anyone else find them incredibly boring?? Granted, they have their role in "bread n' butter" quilting like for these Vets quilts that we are making enmass and need to be very washable, but blah! Off to the quilt shop later this afternoon after I wash the "farm chores" dust off me--picking up the owners samples to quilt! So excited!

Then a couple busy days ahead as I work on the LQS quilts and piece a sample T-shirt quilt before heading off to see my g-sons! My son has new job that will prevent visit at Thanksgiving,so we are celebrating Halloween instead! I'm going as a "grandma giving out candy" and my costume is all ready! Ha!
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