Scrap Happy Baskets DONE!

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by , 08-15-2014 at 07:18 AM (1336 Views)
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At last it's done! My pictures aren't real good. What I wouldn't give for a studio with more natural lighting. Well anyway, this little quilt is my design. It's a old quilt block pattern that I redesigned. It was great for using up some small pieces of scrap. How many different fabrics? I'm not sure but I can tell you there's over 50, might be closer to 100. Some dating back at least 40 years, some brand new...and don't tell anybody but there's a few sheets and shirts in there too, it'll be our little secret. The backing is jut an old piece of ugly fabric, it's my sorta my trademark to have a hideous backing. What can I say other than there's no rules in quilting so I do it my way and my way is using what I have on hand. And it would break my heart to use my good fabric on the back only to want it for a quilt top later. I've put myself on a quilting budget, in hopes of someday having no fabric stash. That's the plan anyway.

Well lets get back to the quilt. The basket is pieced and then the applique is added to the block. The applique is raw edge fusible. If your want good tips on this method here's a link

The only thing I do differently is I use 100wt thread for the outer stitching. I've also used the same thread for the quilting. InvisaFil is my thread of choice, light weight, backtracks beautifully and the white blends into just about any fabric. It's used quilt the entire quilt.

This was quilted on a Bailey's Home Quilter 15, on a Hinterberg stretch frame. The only reason I'm adding the sewing machine details is because I see a lot of questions about the BHQ here on the QB. I love my BHQ, it has allowed me to quilt much more efficiently with out going into debt. If you're a whiner with no patience for a learning curve this is not the machine for you. It's not high speed stitching and the Regulator is old school, no lightening stitch. Well I think that about cover it all. Thanks for taking a peek!

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. MEME9's Avatar
    Beautiful work
  2. erstan947's Avatar
    What a bright and refreshing quilt. I love everything about it. Perfect!
  3. Chris Glover's Avatar
    Beautiful . . Love the colors
  4. Marsh's Avatar
    How beautiful. You are a fantastic quilter.
  5. hemmed in by Him's Avatar
    That is just lovely-the quilting is amazing!
  6. quiltsRfun's Avatar
    Beautifully done!
  7. maxo's Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful and the quilting is wonderful...very well done!
  8. owlvamp's Avatar
  9. sewmuch's Avatar
    Beautiful quilting on a beautiful quilt.

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