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by , 11-14-2011 at 09:59 AM (1462 Views)
OK, so Hallowe'en is over, it must be time for Christmas, right? What happened to Thanksgiving??

I like to think of the next several weeks as a Season of Thanks~

A time to count blessings, a time to feel gratitude for the goodness in my life. I won't make a list here, but let's just say I feel extra-blessed these days, and I am grateful, which always fills my heart with joy!

Another thing that fills my ♥ with simple joys ~ sharing time with my quilting sisters!

It looks like it will be a quilted Christmas! [url][/url]

May this season be filled with simple pleasures, joys and blessings for you!
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  1. owlvamp's Avatar
    Absoultely beautiful. I would love to make my sister a frog one. Very nice ladies.
  2. Jingle's Avatar
    All are absolutely beautiful.
  3. Jingle's Avatar
    Thanksgiving is actually bigger to us than Christmas or at least as big. Oldest Daughter and I do Thanksgiving and planning what we need to buy. Can't believe it is coming so fast.
  4. Lv2sew2011's Avatar
    Beautiful Quilts
  5. carolaug's Avatar
    wow...those look great!
  6. trolleystation's Avatar
    They are all gorgeous. Can't decide which one I like best.

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