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by , 01-06-2011 at 01:14 PM (505 Views)
Screen Name: Chigger Holler Quilter
Real Name: Connie Porter
Address: HC 66 Box 196
Address: Sparta, MO 65753
Favorite Colors: all colors except lavender/ love reds and colors of nature!
Favorite Candy: Probably peanut m&ms (I don't eat too much candy)
Your favorite notion/fabric line, etc: Threads 100% cotton...variegated threads are fun! Also love civil war fabrics! collecting fabs for civil war quilt
Your least favorite color(s) lavender
Least favorite candy Do NOT LIKE hard candies!
Least favorite notion/fabric line
Brand of sewing machine: older pfaff
Is there anything you like to collect? quilt patterns, fabrics with words & Crows (love crows!)
Besides quilting, what do you like to do? read, walk, garden (seeds are always nice!)
Allergies: none
Additional Information: I love meeting new people and learning new things. (helping others is something i really enjoy doing) I enjoy living on our farm and have a great time when I go to Branson to Quilt & Quilts store! It's like a quilt show everyday!
Can you mail international? no
Favorite thing: waking up to a sunny day! Completing a task...I'm such a procrastinator!
Least favorite thing: bookwork!
Email Address: please contact me on the Quilting board
Phone Number:
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