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by , 05-05-2014 at 07:19 AM (515 Views)
Hello, Just thought you should know last week at MSQC my personal information was viewed by another customer. I also was able to view someone's information : name, address, email, phone number, buying history and credit used when making a purchase . I did delete all my information. I had to cancel magazine subscription in order to delete credit card. I was told the problem has been fixed and that it happened to only 4-5 people. A Pay Pal purchase was made on my account and they did credit my account. I did contact the person that I was able view her information. It was only when she posted the problem on MSQC that problem was addressed. All this started on 5/1 . I tried contacting MSQC : emailed, phoned was put on hold, hung up on and I think my number was blocked because I was asked to leave a message. As of today management still has not contacted me. Thank you for letting me vent fellow quilters. Rose
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  1. judy363905's Avatar
    Yikkies. Thank you for posting this . I certainly hope all your information was completely erased from their system. I have only watched video and have not ordered anything from them. Guess I will not be either if that is the customer service your received from them.

    Judy in Phx, AZ
  2. k1p1k2p2's Avatar
    Also had a problem with one of my credit cards. The last purchase on it was at MSQC! Was credited the fraudulent purchases and issued a new credit card number by the company. Wonder if it is just a coincidence?
    Carol, Philadelphia

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