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by , 01-02-2012 at 10:45 AM (1364 Views)
Hello Quilters,
Growing up a Norwegian Lutheran in the Midwest and in my time I was constantly reminded to never be prideful. Bring back memories? So fast forward to my late 20's when -at long last- I learned how to make quilts. I became quite good an hand piecing and quilting and then applique. And so, like many of us I began to share my love of the art with others, then began to teach, then shared my work in patterns. Fast forward to then having a book published by C&T. To me having a book published by C&T was a glorious accomplishment.

All along the way I gained confidence and felt wonderful when around other quilters. Quilters are the most giving folks imaginable. I have watched organizations and shows and publications grow in this industry because of the giving nature of quilters.

So where then is this line between giving and sharing and being prideful? When you are a self-employed artisan, who will promote your efforts if not yourself? In this day of social media, when is it good and when is it bad to 'self-promote'?

Ask the founders of NQA, AQS, IQA and every other quilting organization who they support and promote. It is the artist. Whether she has 12 books and is always in airports or she has just drawn her first design and wants the world to see it. We have gotten to this place in quilterland by finding joy in the success of others.

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