Sewing Chair Recommendations?

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by , 11-12-2013 at 04:07 PM (1552 Views)
I am in the market for a new sewing chair. I'd like one that is adjustable and with good back and lumbar support as well as being comfortable. Does anyone have some good recommendations?
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  1. Cecelia363's Avatar
    I have an adjustable office chair on wheels, I like that it is adjustable and I can easily roll it out of the way, BUT when I lean forward the tiniest bit it rolls back, seems like I am always scooting forward! Grrrr! I wonder if someone makes one that the wheels lock when it is sat upon?
  2. anneg's Avatar
    I hate chairs with wheels. They nearly always have five legs and the extra one just gets in the way when I am sewing and as you say they move around.

    Since I am the only one who will be using it I just like a normal 4 legged chair that is just right for me - it doesn't have to be adjustable since it just needs to be comfortable for me. I do use cushions on it for support - at only 4ft 11ins and short waisted many chairs are just not made for my body shape and very uncomfortable!
  3. Kay in Iowa's Avatar
    I have the chair that Nancy Zeiman sells at Nancy's Notions. It has a high back which is adjustable, lumbar adjustment, height adjustment, seat adjustment and has a ring on the base to put your foot or feet on. If memory serves me correctly, I think it adjust in 5 locations - comes in many colors and different wood trim. It's a good chair for the money. I have a bad back and it works great for me.
  4. pahega's Avatar
    Thanks all for your input!

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