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Inexpensive Sewing Table
I had been using a plexiglass extension for my machine, but the heavier projects had a tendency to cause the extension to slide around and move.

I started looking for tables that the machine sat down in and created a flat working surface. But, boy are those things pricey.

I decided to try and built one myself. Went to Home Depot, bought 1 8ft 2x4, 2 8ft 1x6 and a 2ftx4ft piece of MDF (total cost $24.86). I used the lumber to build the frame of the table and the MDF for the top. I drew the foot print of my machine on the MDF and cut it to fit my machine with a jig saw.

The white strip you see along the edge is plastic tape. It makes the edge slicker and the fabric doesn't get hung up.

What difference it make working on larger projects, much easier to handle.

What do you think of my low budget table?

May have started something. I am now making another for one of my wife's friends.

The tables are 30" high to match all of the other tables we have.

To support the machine from below: (1st photo below)
First measure the height of the machine sewing deck to the table top it normally sits on. (deck height)
Next on each side of the new table 1. allow 1/2" for MDF table top and then measure down the side of the table (deck height). Draw a line there. Next measure down another 3/4" more to allow for the board that will lie flat from side to side on the table and mark another line.

Now install some 3/4"x3/4" strips on the bottom line to support that goes from side to side to sit the machine on. I both glued and nailed these strips onto the sides of the table. (Note best to get these strips too low rather than too high. You can always use small strips of wood or cardboard to shim to raise the machine support board to the exact height you want.

Now you can lay in the machine support board that goes from side to side that the machine sits on.

Note the opening in the top is bigger than the actual foot print of the machine. To install the machine, drop it through the wide portion of the opening on the right side and then slide left into the proper position. (2nd photo below)

Hope this gives you all some ideas on how to build your tables.
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