Sewing Machine needles breaking!

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by , 02-08-2014 at 12:13 PM (514 Views)
My mom was cleaning out her sewing room and gave me her Handi Quiliter and Juki TL-98E sewing machine. I got my quilt all loaded, and have quilted about 1/4 of it when the needle broke. I proceeded to put in a new needle and 5 needles later, I cant for the life of me figure out why all of a sudden the needle keeps breaking. I have read, and re-read the manual to make sure I am putting the needle in correctly and have the machine threaded right.. Does anyone know if you have to use the Juki specified needles? I have a Bernina and use the Schmetz needles with no issues.

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  1. WilliP's Avatar
    Take the thread off the machine (remember to cut it so you don't pull it backwards through the tension discs) and take a look at the spool. Is the thread catching on snags on the spool? Use the right size spool cap to keep the thread coming off the spool and through the tensions. If the spool moves, use one of those foam spool bases on the right hand end and your spool cap on the left side where the thread feeds off to the tension. Finish threading your machine. Keep the pressure(presser) foot up while threading the tensions and takeup lever. After threading the machine top, next go to the bobbin area. Take the bobbin and case out and the hook. Clean and oil this area including your feed dogs. Make sure your bobbin is in the right way and the thread threaded through its tension properly. Put everything back together and insert the bobbin. Test sew to see thatyou have tensions set properly, etc. DO NOT PULL FABRIC THROUGH THE SEwinG MACHINE.
    If this test sew out causes a needle to break, I would consult my nearest technician/sewing machine repair person. Good Luck!
  2. cookiemonster's Avatar
    Oh, yes I've had that scenario with my machine, I took out the feeddog cover, with toothbrush, cleaned it good, re threaded and for some reason it decided to work.

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