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by , 03-26-2017 at 05:52 PM (818 Views)
Hi - I would like some help in finding out what the best sewing machines are in today's market. I am sewing on an Elna Excellence 760, but am not happy with the stitch quality. I would like to hear what everyone is using as I am ready to upgrade and am not sure what go for. Thanks, Marline
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  1. Vessel's Avatar
    I have a BabyLock Ellure Plus, it sews beautiful and can embroidery too! I have quilted on it, but now have Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen to quilt my quilts with. I sew all my quilt tops,borders,bindings, etc...on the BabyLock. It's a great machine for the price, plus it's so well made! I've had it about five years and still sews like it's brand new! Would love to trade up to the Destiny machine but gotta save $
  2. Greeneyes123456's Avatar
    I have the Baby Lock Ellure and the Excape I also love the Riccar they are older and very sturdy and metal last forever look on Ebay
  3. kayflutterby59's Avatar
    I have 2 Janome machines. MC 6600 is my favorite machine. Not an embroidery machine but it has many specialty stitches and monograming. It also has a built in walking foot. Best feature for sure. I have quilted king size Quilts on this machine. I take it in once a year for a cleaning and tuneup. Love this machine. The only thing I had to have fixed is the needle threader $10. And the bobbin case wore out $25 and the knee lift needed adjusting $25 in the 8 years I have had this machine. Still runs like a champ. These are some of the pro's. I wish it had a bigger throat. The inner distance between the needle and right side of machine. It measures about 9 1/2". It is good, but could be better. Also it is a heavy machine. Which is good because it is made well, but makes it hard to transport.

    My other machine is a MC 1600 straight stitch machine. It has a knee lift and needle threader and is a well made machine. I use it on my Handy Quilter. If has a 9 1/2" throat too so I wish it was bigger.

    Hope this helps you decide. Happy Quilting.
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  4. patski's Avatar
    Love my brother. You just have to try them out to see what works for you.
  5. ntransue's Avatar
    I have a Pfaff and a Janome
  6. ania755's Avatar
    Does anyone here knows anything about the Janome8900.... the one without the embroidery unit...( the information about his machine is very confusing )

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