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ROFLMAO ! Oh my you guys/girls are too fuinny.. even son #1 was LOL ( he is just the Best man!) I love the quilt theme ...

Her family is putting out most of the money, but they asked me to pay for the DJ and the rehearsal dinner .

I wonder if she would figure out something wasn't quite right when everyone came to the shower with fabric :roll: Well maybe just the ones that I filled out the invites for :wink:

I am helpinging make the dresses for the 3 Jr. Bridesmaids...

Oh and I forgot one important detail.. my son is a HUGE Tennessee fan ( I don't know where I went wrong with that child :roll: , now I don't want to upset anyone but we do live in South Bend IN home of the Fighting Irish ) and silly girl let him pick one color for the wedding ( she will soon learn not to let him have a say in such a big decision, but I think she was so excited about the date.. well you know how that goes ) and you guessed it ... Its Tenn orange so she picked a creamy yellow. I
already told them there is NO WAY I am wearing orange to the wedding I would look like the Great Pumpkin... ops: LOL Although my Mom reminded me I would save a ton of money on the dress if I went to Fun FX the day after Halloween :?
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