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Sharon...first off...congrats!

Second.....Listen to what the other ladies have said and follow those instructions and all will be fine.

Third....Just sit back and laugh for a bit.

Don't stress out. Just be lucky YOU don't have to pay for the entire wedding and have this child running around YOUR house crying, whining and complaining. Been there, done that two (2) times and it's not fun!!

I understand she wants to get the things done asap, but if you think about it, the wedding is not that far away! Things book really fast in the spring and summer for weddings and such, so her wanting to get stuff settled now is not a bad thing. My daughter for her first wedding, had to choose the last of the dates she wanted just so she could have the church at the time she wanted to be married. Was tough !!

Just settle back and chuckle. You will....don't get caught up in the stress...but, you will! Come here to vent away!! You will! lmao!!

Oh...I have a great idea for the rehearsal dinner.....A Quilting Bee!!! That would be SOOO much fun!!! And, you could have it outdoors during the day. Wouldn't it be lovely? lmao!!
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