So... Many... Projects....

Random thoughts on what I'm doing, really, and my progress (hopefully!!) as a quilter and costumer.*

  1. Zeus and Quilts

    by , 07-24-2012 at 08:00 AM (So... Many... Projects....)
    How are Zeus and Quilts related? Way too closely, for me. Athena, as you may remember, sprang forth, fully armed and armored, from the head of Zeus, after giving him one heck of a headache.

    My last few quilts have been like that. Fester, fester, and then "ta-da!" a quilt, fully formed, from design to quilting, from my mind onto paper in a flash. And then quickly onto fabric before it gets away.

    On my quilting list I have 45 quilts listed. Three are done ...

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