Shelf paper as quilting tool?

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by , 06-19-2013 at 10:29 AM (1194 Views)
Recently someone recommended using shelfing paper to prevent rulers from moving. Could someone explain this technique to me. Thanks
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  1. tessagin's Avatar
    I use the non-skid shelving (kind of rubbery). I have a couple of strips cut and just place it under the ruler where I can hold the ruler still. When you move he ruler you move the strip. Just cut to a comfortable size.
  2. nursnis's Avatar
    You tape a bit of the shelf paper on the back of the ruler and it won't budge when you are holding it down to cut. Put bigger pieces on the bigger rulers. It is that rubbery type shelf paper that we are talking about.
  3. jude by the sea's Avatar
    Great ideas!

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