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by , 05-15-2014 at 07:53 PM (656 Views)
[QUOTE=Lioness3xs;6711192]Hi Quilters

I am planning a shop hop for my guild and I an in search of short games that can be played while riding in a bus. Something to keep people attention and pass the time and miles. I am also looking for small handy and favorite gifts for the winners. These don't necessarily need to be quilting related but something everyone would like to receive. If you have a game with a link, please post the link so myself or others can easily find it. Please include a nice paragraph with rules for those games that you think people would enjoy.

One games I am particularly looking for is the one where persons hand off a fat quarter either to the right of left while a story is read to them.

Another idea I'm thinking about is a scavenger hunt that could be completed at the shops.

After I have received your help I plan to post these ideas to my blog page and allow others to use these ideas as well.

Thanks for all your help.[/QUOTE]


  1. Lioness3xs's Avatar
    Hi everyone, thanks so much for giving me such fun ideas. It's good to be able to have all those links in one location that I can easily find. Thank you again

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