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Should I have a batting for my quilt?

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by , 05-06-2019 at 05:52 PM (125 Views)
I recently found out that my good friend was diagnosed with leukemia. I wanted to make him a quilt to keep him warm and cozy, but I'm not sure how thin/thick the quilt should be. I read online that even the touch of a sheet could be painful to chemo patients, so therefore I should make a thin quilt that has no batting but has a fleece backing. I am very inexperienced, so I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. My worry is that the quilt would end up too flimsy or not warm enough, but I also do not want a heavy/uncomfortable quilt.
Any suggestions?


  1. Yanya3's Avatar
    My son-in-law just went through the battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The chemo caused horrendous skin rashes and he couldn't stand to have anything touch his skin. After his bone marrow transplant I gave him a couple of quilts: both 100% cotton fabric with heirloom batting. Be aware they must be washed in a non-scented detergent prior to use. Everything in their lives has to be germ-free. It's a tough battle. Hope all goes well for your friend!

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