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A Shout Out about my Pixilated Quilt

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by , 04-05-2017 at 03:47 AM (580 Views)
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This is my shout out the QuiltingBoard members for their wonderful influence on improving my quilting skills. Below you will see a picture of my Pixilated Quilt. So named because my 5 yr old DGD says that quilt looks like a MineCraft Sword! (because it looked pixilated...hence the name,,,)

So a shout out and thanks to JennR8R for her tutorial on a scrappy log cabin pattern thread named, "Turning 2.5" Scraps into a Log Cabin Block" posted on 2/16/2016. I used her pattern and technique. It was very easy to follow.

Next, a shout out and thanks to DJMat, who hosts swaps 4 times a year, such as her last one "Winter 2.5" charm swap" posted on 1/16/2017. We each get about 500 charms a swap from her, and QB members participation. I used these charms in the quilt.

Next, a shout out and thanks to PaperPrincess, whose thread, "2016 Fabric Moratorium" posted 1/1/2016, taught me to think about using my stash first, buy new 2nd. I used my stash of mostly white/light fat quarters for my backing, and 2.5" square swapped charms for my binding.

Next, a shout out and thanks to You-Tube Sharon Schamber-Perfect Straight Binding, who got me to use diluted elmers school glue and tiny metal tips to glue baste the binding on, square the corners, and connect the ends.

I sent this to the local longarmer, so I did not get to try the elmers glue backing technique...but I will on my next quilt that I quilt.

These are all basic techniques to quilters, but they were new to me. Thank you. QuiltingBoard Members for all you teach me. Hugs all around!!!!!

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  1. thutch's Avatar
    This is lovely Jane Quilter! I would love the pattern, but not sure how to follow your comment on QB.

    Tammy, also in the BR mtns. !
  2. ntransue's Avatar
    Great quilt. What pattern is it.
  3. kayflutterby59's Avatar
    Sew pretty. Love ❤️ it.

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