Singer 301a found at garage sale

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by , 05-25-2014 at 04:46 PM (756 Views)
Hi - I'm new to quilting as well as this forum though I have done garment sewing since I was 10 and in 4H. I'm looking forward to following some great discussions.

So, here's my story.... On Friday, I went to a garage sale held on back road in the heart of the Adirondack Mts. There was an old sewing machine for sale, but since I already have several old sewing machines, I decided to pass. It haunted me all day on Saturday, and this morning I thought I should google the model number - Singer 301a. Boy, was I taken back at what I could have had. But, I decided to take a stab and I went back this morning, a full 48 hours after my first visit. I couldn't believe that it was still there. So for $20, I brought home a long bed Singer 301a.

I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason so I guess this machine was meant to be mine. What I would like to know from you folks is how you've used it for quilting. I have not yet tried free motion quilting but am ready to give it a shot. Does the machine really do 1500 stitches per minute? That's the number given for many of the new quilting machines which are currently for sale. Unfortunately it did not come with any attachments. I was told that someone else had purchased them previously though they were not there when I saw the machine on Friday. Where is a good source to go looking for some? I have not yet tried it out, but it seems in excellent condition. It is threaded and the bobbin and bobbin case are in place. I really think that with a little TLC it's going to work just fine.

Thanks for your help. I'm off to sandwich together a quilt for Quilt for Kids. If you every have some stash you want to use up, and some extra time, please check out their website to see how you can help. It's a great organization.
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  1. harleyangel1265's Avatar

    I have 2 Singer 301s and a 401. Yes, it is that fast! My mother also has one and I call her Shirley Modowny, after the race car driver because she can sew that fast - I can't because I quilt, not sew, so I want to make sure I am turning and staying on pattern. You need to give your new girl a good cleaning, my Singer man cleans them with WD40 and then oil and grease her good and she will run like a champion. To free motion quilt the only attachment needed is a darning foot, easily found on line. Also there is a screw behind the bobbin casing that you turn to make the feed dogs go up and down. Hope this helps!

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