Singer one year or model better than others?

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by , 04-21-2012 at 11:29 AM (414 Views)
I posted awhile back that I travel with my Bernina and I am having difficulty carting it around, lifting it into the car etc. A Singer FW was the unanimous recommendation. I am planning to purchase one but wonderd if there is a better model, year and what to look for. Thanks for any advise.
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  1. DonnaQuilts's Avatar
    Be sure if it is a FW that it does sew. Buying signt unseen from Ebay is a little tricky because not all the sellers are honest. Buy from someone with a good rating and track history. Some of the sellers don't sew and don't care.
    We were lucky in that respect. The machine we bought had not been cleaned and there was probably 20 feet of black thread wound around the wheel. It was otherwise pretty clean, but dry as a bone. I ordered a new belt and feet, as they were crunchy from age. I did get a tiny "O" ring for the screw that holds the face plate on because it rattled. Now she is so quiet I call her Silent Running. This one doesn't purrrrrrr. It is quiet.
  2. Mariah's Avatar
    My featherweight was listed as a 1942 model. There is information telling years they were made, pictures of FW's, and quite a lot of info.
    My FW tech, who I seldom see as it is such a dependable machine, does buy them, checks them out, and sells them. I know he is dependable and honest. If you think you would be interested in contacting him for information, pictures, ect, let me know and I will send his info. He does this as a hobby,but is very good at it.

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