Sisters Quilt Show 2012

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by , 07-17-2012 at 10:30 AM (1056 Views)
What a beautiful show - at least until the downpour started! My quilting friend and I were on our way to Bend right before it happened.

We were able to spend the morning looking at beautiful quilts - there was a light breeze so it didn't feel too hot. I have pictures of about 50 quilts that I took.

I like to take a picture of the label, then a picture of the whole quilt, then any close-ups. Since I have the label I have the story about the quilt and that is almost as much fun to read as the quilts are to look at.

This year, I think I spent more time looking at how they were quilted - I am a new owner of a longarm and need all the help I can get for ideas.

During my stay at the Metolius River Lodges (with a quilting friend), I was able to get started again on my Thimbleberries quilt project from several years ago. I only have two more blocks (really about 18) for the additional border and it will be ready to put that on and finish it. The inside is all done. I was in that horrible place where parts were done, now I have those under control.

I am back home and already looking forward to next year.
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  1. captlynhall's Avatar
    My goal is to make the Sister's Quilt Show. My son and DIL live in Coos Bay, but that is a good 4-5 hour drive across the mountain pass. I have thought of flying into Portland, driving to Sister's for the show then going by way of Eugene to Coos Bay. Seems like you can't get there from here easily. I live near Galveston in Texas, so the logistics are a bit of a problem. But one of these days...

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