Slow process of organizing fabric

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by , 01-14-2013 at 12:15 PM (1092 Views)
I have decided that the year 2013 is going to be my year for TRYING to get my sewing, and fabric rooms organized and hopefully to keep them that way.

I am starting in the fabric room as I feel this is the best place to start. Once I can get that room finished than I hope to move some of the bins of fabric from the sewing room into the fabric room thus giving me more space or "move" around.

In all honesty I have entirely TOO MUCH fabric, and I do "purge" it from time to time, but that is something I have not done in a couple years. So maybe this year will be my "year" to get back into donating fabric to charities again.

In the process of cleaning and organizing my rooms I am hoping to find (locate) the misplaced rulers, and other various small notions, we shall see though.


In the past week I have managed to take a stack of fat quarters that was about 12-15 inches high down to about 3 inches, but instead of finishing that stack I ended up pulling out some bag, and bins of fabric that was "tucked" out of the way.

In these bags, and bins was various cuts types of fabric. For the most part (about 98%) it is 100% cotton. I separated the cottons from the rest then proceeded to separate the cotton into stacks, these stacks are sorted buy "size" such as scraps, fat eights, fat quarter, 1/2 yard cuts, less than 1 yard cuts (but more than 1/2 yard), yardage 1 to 2-1/2 yards, and over 2-1/2 yard cuts.

The small percentage of fabrics that is NOT cotton is what I had been buying for future "crazy quilt projects". Who knows if/when I will ever get around to making one (or more) of them.

Well my break is over so it is time to get back into the fabric room and back to ironing and/or folding fabric.

Until next time Happy Quilting.

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  1. patski's Avatar
    good for you. I organized my room last year and have kept it that way. I feel way more creative and have made many charity quilts in the last 12 months. It helps to purge, pass it on maybe to someone that lost their stash in Hurricane Sandy or other disaster
  2. redyellowrose's Avatar
    I organized my fabric room with shelves and picked up the empty bolts cards from JoAnns to wrap any pieces over 2 yds. that way I had everything organized by color and picking out what I needed was very easy. Everything below two yds i put into pull out bins standing the fabric on end so I could see what I had at a glance. sure did make it all easier to use and to find.

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