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Tensions are not complicated. The big thing is they can be gummed up between the disks and other parts and look clean. That plays havoc with the tensions.

Here is a site that gives very detailed instructions on how to diagnose, disassemble, clean, reassemble and adjust tensions: { http://www.tfsr.org/publications/tec...machine_manual } and here is a link to a page in ArcaicArcanes blog where she gives a lot of tips on how to diagnose tension problems:
{ http://www.archaicarcane.com/fragile...ess/#more-1669 }

When I get a new to me machine it gets cleaned and lubed. The top tension is usually removed, disassembled and cleaned, then reinstalled and adjusted according to the instructions in the TFSR site along with the tips from ArcaicArcanes blog.
The bobbin case, hook assembly and that entire area is cleaned thoroughly. The bobbin case especially. Then adjusted.

It's not that hard. If it's got you frustrated, take a break and come back to it later.

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