So Thankful Tonight

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by , 11-15-2011 at 08:44 PM (1077 Views)
My husband and I keep an old apple cider jar that we throw spare change in. Once it's full, we promise to take a vacation with the money. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?
Tonight, I put my little boy to bed. He was so sleepy, so I had a feeling he'd go right to sleep. Boy was I wrong.
I didn't hear him get up, but I did hear the horrible noise: a big crash followed by breaking glass and screaming. It all happened so fast. I threw the computer on the floor and ran upstairs. Here he stands surrounded by shattered glass and enough change to just about earn a vacation. He's screaming, I grabbed him, and looked him over. Not a scratch, just shock. Thank God he was/is okay.
By the time I finished cleaning up, I had two band-aids. But, I'd take that over my little one being hurt any day.
The glass shards hid well in the carpet until my fingers found them. I hope the vacuum took care of the rest. We don't need any glass in our feet.
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  1. scowlkat's Avatar
    Wow, so glad he wasn't hurt! How are you - other than the scratches? That is so unnerving!
  2. Rhonda's Avatar
    Glad he's ok! Typical kid stuff! LOL Scary and not funny til you look back at it later! Did he learn anything about leaving things alone that aren't his?

    Hope your scratches heal quickly!
  3. Airwick156's Avatar
    That happened to my daughter but it wasn't a jar full of change...it was a gallon glass jar of dill pickles AND when she dropped it, she not only dropped it onto the top of her little foot, but when it shattered, the glass shards went into her foot. She was very lucky that the glass didn't cut her worse then it did she mostly got small cuts, BUT....she had 3 broken toes. She was only like 4 or 5 and shes 34 now.

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