Some pictures of my quilts

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by , 07-25-2013 at 07:03 AM (248 Views)
I am new here and these are pictures of quilts I have made.

Name:  Couvre-lit côté noir.JPG
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This quilt was made for my youngest son when he was 18 years old (he is now 24).
One side is in sashiko because he was at the University studying english and japonese.
The other side is made with fabrics I bought for half and hand-dyed by myself for the other half.
My son said to me exactly what he wants and I made it

Name:  Couvre-lit Maman.JPG
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I have made this one for my parents when they celebrated their 50 years of marriage.
Name:  Couvre-lit Suzon.JPG
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I have made this other one for my parents in law when they celebrated too their 50 years of marriage.

These 4 are the largest quilts I have made.

Its all for today
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