Sorting the Scraps

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by , 01-09-2013 at 10:30 AM (1806 Views)
After discussion with my quilt swap partner, I have finally come up with a plan to sort those scraps. I know, there is so much info and plan strategies, but it finally rang a bell in my mind. I used my Christmas money at Joanns and bought some clearn bings to put my threads in that are in individual tubs, this way there is more room and can I can have them in the same place instead of four different containers. I will use the other containers to put my scraps and fabrics in. I think the scraps should be from fabrics that are smaller than a f8th including a f8th that has been cut into. I sort all these "scraps" into bins by colors first, then subdivide them via size of squares. I will cut them into usable pieces by the size of the fabric. I do have a bin that has just 1" pieces, yes I save those as well. Going to make me a postage stamp quilt someday. I bet if you look at it when done, you will find two of the same fabric in it because I am not wealthy enough to buy that much to cut one little 1" piece out of it to make the quilt. By the time it is done, should be beautiful, but very heavy I am sure. Thought would be to arrange the pieces into a scene of some sorts so would end up like a cross stich quilt. So onto the sorting now. This is going to be a busy weekend. Wanting to get things cleaned up and organized so can just enjoy doing my scrap booking and scrap quilting with a few of those left over UFOs and WIPs to get to work on.


  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    Wow QM, that is a lofty goal. I hope you got things sorted. I keep saying I need to sort and cut my scraps into the usable sizes. But, I am so overwhelmed with scraps. If you'd like, I will put aside 1 in squares or strips for you for variety in you quilt. (Just let me know.)

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