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by , 02-02-2013 at 09:44 PM (1242 Views)
I got laid off from Kennedy Space Center in July 2011. I'm currently volunteering there (in the VAB),talking about how me and mt co-workers"The Sew Sisters" hand sewed parts and quilted quartz fabric with a Multi Needle Sewing Machine to cover the outside surface of the shuttle. As part of my presentation, I show tiles ,cargo bay blankets,Thermal Control Blankets(TCS),Fibrous Insulation Blankets(FIB)---Those quilted blankets that cover the upper/sides of the shuttle and other neat items.
My presentation has been very well received! I've been told it's the highlight of their tour especially if they or a family member quilts! The majority of people I speak to have no idea about the amount of sewing went into the shuttle!
I've had a few of our guests ask me if I would write a book or to speakto encourage young folks about special jobs"working with your hands".But I'm putting the word out and I want to ask my fellow quilters about the possibilty to speak at guild meetings, quilt shows or any suggestions they might have. First off, I want to know if any of you would find a presentation like that interesting and should I pursue this endevour? I do have some unique stories and photos as part of the presentation too.
I've recently joined NASA's Speakers Bureau (also volunteer) , and people from across the country can request a speaker from NASA to appear before any type of audience with a topic of interest to that group. Please let me know your opinions. Thanks!
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  1. Monroe's Avatar
    That's really a fascinating topic! Contact some of the major quilt shows around the country- AQS, Vermont Quilt Festival, etc. How about Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms? Article in a quilt magazine or 2 would certainly jump start your exposure. Please do pursue this! Also- I bet kids would be as fascinated as adults. How about a children's book about Sewing the Space Shuttle Quilts?
  2. Monroe's Avatar
    Might I suggest posting this on the Main site? Many folks don't read the Blogs. Actually 2/13 was the first time I'd wandered in.
  3. bikerlady21's Avatar
    Your experience would make an awesome TED Talk!
  4. Monroe's Avatar
    I was at the CMOST museum in upstate NY last week, and they have an astronaut boot on display- lots of quilted fabric.

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