Spray basting and longarms

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by , 03-01-2019 at 08:51 PM (81 Views)
my quilting thread keeps shredding on my quilt top. I have cleaned the bobbin area well, replaced the needle, made sure bobbin tension was good, and made sure it is threaded correctly.

when I do trial stitches on my sample, everything looks perfect. However, when I move to the quilt top, within about 12 inches, the top thread shreds and breaks.

i am wondering if the basting spray and poly batting in the quilt is my problem. My sample is cotton batting and no spray.


  1. judykay's Avatar
    I have the same problem with my Pfaff domestic and I didn't use spray basting and I have been going very slow. I thought at first it was the rayon thread but I switched to all cotton and it is doing the same thing. This happens when I am doing decorative stitching.
  2. Ksassy44's Avatar
    Needle must be in perfect alignment. Slowly back off top thread tension until the issue stops.
  3. kittiebug's Avatar
    sounds like your machine don't like spray basting ?
  4. lindsayfarm's Avatar
    My machine was doing the same thing to me. I re thread my machine and started over again and it worked good for about an hour and then started doing it again.

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