Square in Square without math.

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by , 05-14-2012 at 04:58 AM (878 Views)
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I told works4me that I'd do picts of this method. Here they are.
I was playing with these leftover pieces last fall when I should have been workin' on my DGSons's Solar System quilt. When DDIL gits pregnant again I'll use these blocks & the other scraps ta make a quilt for that child.
These are just picts of the pieces so you can see how they go tagether.
The first 3 picts are of blocks already made.
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This one is already trimmed down.
Name:  Sq n Sq #2.jpg
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These 2 are not.
Name:  Sq n Sq #3.jpg
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Name:  Sq n Sq #4.jpg
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Here is my center piece.
Name:  Sq n Sq #5.jpg
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Cut 2 squares the same size as the center then cut 'em on the diagonal.
Name:  Sq n Sq #6.jpg
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Find the center of the center piece & of the triangle & line 'em up.
Name:  Sq n Sq #7.jpg
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Here the 4 triangles are laid by the center piece. As you can see, even discounting the seam allowance, they will be too big. You will need ta trim down.
Name:  Sq n Sq #8.jpg
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Here are some other pieces.
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