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by , 03-14-2011 at 09:54 AM (500 Views)
Hi Everyone,
A while back I took Roolen's great tutorial and put it into a Word Document, with a few additions of some exact measurements for cutting the triangles,
etc. Then, I contacted Roolen and told her what I had done actually another QB member put it into PDF for me from my Word Doc.). I asked for her permission to post it here on this topic and she said that would be fine. So, you will find both the Word Doc. and the PDF format of this tutorial with a few tweeks. She did ask that I post her blog along with it. It is:

[/quote]Thank you for the PDF format. Today I thought that I would try this pattern. Luckily I tried it in paper first. I'm not sure where you are getting the 9 1/2 inches??? I ended up drawing things out on a large sheet of paper and figuring things out on my own. About the only thing that I will need the printed pdf for is the strip widths and pictures of how to put it together. Your measurements were extremely confusing to me as I don't have the triangle rulers. Oh least I've gotten it figured out now. Hope to start on it in the morning. Tried to click on the link to the blog site and it isn't working [/quote]

The PDF and Word format of this tutorial was posted in response
to a number of people that wanted it in that format. Also,
I was working off of Roolen's tutorial. I didn't change much
of her original instructions, because I wasn't writing the tutorial,
but rather just trying to put it in an easy format to print off.
I did change a few things that got lost in translation from Russian
to English, a re-worded a few things, but other than that it is
like her original tutorial. Her tutorial gave no measurements
for cutting the triangles. I knew that the 9 1/2" measurement
would be confusing, but I was basing that on the line that you
put your triangle ruler on the strip set to cut the triangle.

She had shown a picture of the ruler she used. Hers went to 10 1/2" inches and my ruler like hers goes to 12 1/2". If you place the ruler on the strip set at the 9 1/2" mark, it will give you the correct size triangle for the 5 1/2" strip set. Since I didn't draw new diagrams, but instead used her pictures, I can see where it would be confusing, but I didn't feel I should completely re-write
her tutorial with my instructions and diagrams, because it would
then be my pattern, not hers. I just tried to work off what she
presented and I did add some measurements. I'm sorry that
they were confusing to you - I had hoped it would help.

Also, I contacted Roolen before I posted this to see if the
pattern was original with her so as to not infringe on her
copyright. She said it was. She gave me permission to post
the PDF and Word format with some changes. She did ask
that I also refer to her blog, which I gave the link for. If it
doesn't work when you click on it, just copy and paste it into
your browser and it will take you to her blog. Also, you can see
the original tutorial by going to page 1 of this post. The same
exact thing is on her blog, but her blog is in Russian .
Sorry for any confusion and I hope this clears some of it up.

I was grateful for the measurements you posted it really helped me. I don't have a ruler the size you have just a little one but it worked okay for the small triangles I needed to cut out. Now what is the best way to sew the pieces together? Should I sew across the small triangles first and then up the side or reverse it?
I had to pick out the stitches to allow for seam allowance on the small triangle, I forgot and sewed the whole thing. Enjoyed the challenge, good for the brain I say.
Thanks again for all your help.

You're welcome. You should sew the small triangle to the
large one first, then sew that section to the other large
triangle. I hope that the pictures can help you see how
that works. If you are still having trouble, please PM
me and I will do a graphic that shows exactly how it
should be put together. I am happy to help in any way
I can.
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