Still January 2, 2012

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by , 01-02-2012 at 03:33 PM (1396 Views)
Joanieu just left from visiting. It was fun. We talked about this board and how to navigate here. ALso We discussed our plans for the AOTH project we will be starting soon. We have to figure out how to enlarge it to a 12" block. I want a bigger one. Might use the 10.5.....

Beenana called while she was here, that was a fun phone call.

Joanieu brought me a box of Stash Pumpkin spice tea. She doesn't like pumpkin.....her loss my gain.....thank you.Joanie....

It is supposed to get down to 31 degrees tonight. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

So I am off to work some quilting puzzles on How fun it has been. I do the 100+ pieces. Might have to go bigger soon. I love that it is puzzles of quilts. And then reading a book......I will be so happy to be able to quilt again. Soon......until next time. HUGS
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  1. BeeNana's Avatar
    Glad that you and Joanie had a good afternoon. Pulled pork sounds good.
    Kitties will want to stay warm tonight.
    One of granddaughters was here for a few hour. Taught her to play Farkel and weplayed for hours. Last game she brought the score sheet home to show parents. Ihardly could get on the score sheet and she got many triples etc. She got over10,000 and Nana was something like 2,000. I know that the ten year old had agrand time telling the parents about this!
    Hope that you have a good evening.
    Saying hello to all your visitors on the QB.
  2. np3's Avatar
    Glad you two got together. It is kind of quiet here. Still coughing so not going out much. DH is at work.
  3. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Hi there you two. yesterday was a long day. Today I am off to Ft. Worth with dd and possibley dh if he decides he wants to get out a while.
    I'll check back this evening.
  4. All Thumbs's Avatar
    Well hello there Debbie! I do not visit the Board as often as I used to but now that 2012 is finally here, I am going to try harder at learning all the ins and outs of the new format. Glad to have found your post once again. I also see yours from back at New Years Day so must catch up with your happenings. Today I am stitching away while dear hubby reads (also the name of my album I am creating) and having fun with some new things. Project Linus quilts are needed since the holidays and economy have taken our donation numbers way down. A quilting friend and I are delivering 8 to coordinator this week and I have 3 more on the burner half done. lol
    Think of you often -- do take care.
  5. debbieumphress's Avatar
    All thumbs.......I know what you mean. Our donations are so bad we are under half of what we usually provide and the hospitals and everyone are wanting and needing more. Hope it picks up. Now that the holidays are gone, maybe I can get back to making more too. Glad you popped in. Talk to you soon. HUGS♥♥

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