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Stitch Regulator

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by , 02-01-2013 at 05:40 PM (1312 Views)
Has anyone purchased the new Baby Lock stitch regulator? If so, how do you like it. I am looking to purchase one.
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  1. knittersue's Avatar
    Hi yes my husband got me the true stitch regulator for my babylock I love it. Easy to work with my stitches look great go try one out I think you well like it
  2. ann reagan's Avatar
    I have a Bernina with a BSR (stitch regulator), and I wonder if they both work the same. I know the Babylock needs the two different (plastic) pieces on the fabric --don't understand that part--but the Bernina doesn't use anything like that. I have a Babylock and a Bernina but wonder if the Babylock works better that the Bernina BSR. Does anyone know?

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