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by , 04-01-2012 at 04:18 AM (3000 Views)
I have an item that I am very proud and excited to show off. I have been working on this little Lazy Susan Storage/Sewing Center for a couple of months with a group of quilters online. It all started with a request from a quilting board member to make a simple thread holder for hand quilting.

This is what we created:

A 14" Lazy Susan with 5 magnets. The magnets hold your Thread Caddy, thread spools, notion box, pin cushion and magnetic pin dish. All of these items, just pop off the magnet when you want to use them and clip right back in place when you are done. The box is covered and a small lip is attached to the top to hold an optional Clover Desk Threader. We added a drop box in the back for rotary cutters and scissors. In front of the drop box is a slotted template holder. The best gadget is the Thread Caddy in the middle. This holds a spool of thread and either beeswax or Thread Heaven. Just pull your thread off the spool and run it over the wax. Super easy! It also holds a couple thimbles, scissors, needles, pins, seam rippers, small rotary cutters or any other gadget that you can stuff into the storage slot in the back. A magnet is also attached on the back and a tiny one on the front for needles or pins.

I want to start stage two of this project and I am asking for your help too. What other items would you like to see on the Storage Center??? If you could have your ultimate sewing room, how would you organize it?

I have a few designs in the works that are larger with two tiers. The lower tier is on an 18" Lazy Susan and has 8 storage draws. The top tier looks like this Lazy susan. My creative process has come to a stand still at this point. I am hoping your ideas may spark an idea that I can build on over the next couple months.

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Harry B.
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