Stumped looking for aqua and beige/brown print

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by , 05-18-2013 at 11:24 AM (1541 Views)
I held off on buying the aqua and brown/tan fabric I wanted to use on my next quilt, BIG MISTAKE. It's all gone!! I have called all the local shops looked extensively online. Does anyone know whether those colors will be restocked??? They seemed to be very popular. How do I find out what new fabric will be coming out from the manufacturers. I certainly hope they come back I love the spa colors.
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  1. buckingtrout's Avatar
    every manufacturer has a website online where you can see the new lines they are bringing out and the ones that are currently available at stores and online. Just type the name of the manufacturer to get to sites: examples, or You can get a list of fabric manufacturers by just googling - *fabric manufactures* and a master list should come up.
  2. buckingtrout's Avatar
    Another idea is to try to find these fabrics on Etsy or Ebay where people are always letting loose of fabrics they no longer need or have a use for. If you do this type the color of the fabric you want... such as *aqua fabric* (you might need to narrow search using sidebar box options.
  3. jclinganrey's Avatar
    Have you tried It's an excellent resource for finding a particular fabric(s). Do you have any information on the selvege? That would be helpful.


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