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by , 01-09-2013 at 06:07 AM (848 Views)
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We have so many members ask about patterns for a quilt that is stunning in its appearance and then usually there is another qualifier such as quick or no curves or no 60 degree triangles or something else or not modern or not traditional. Would those of you who have made many quilts post the picture of the one most stunning quilt you've made with a description of how long it took to sew, how difficult it was to make, etc. I think a category of our best, stunning quilts would be quite helpful and certainly educational, and , oh my goodness, so entertaining! So ladies, will you post? Remember stunning, not easy or quick is the benchmark. If you do I'm sure this will get moved to somewhere else, but we can hunt for it.
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    Well, most people who see this one gasp...but its really not as complicated as it seems. If you can accurately piece a 9 patch block and set a quilt in diagonal rows, thats pretty much it. The hardest part of this one is selecting the fabric! I discovered once you start cutting the pieces you can quickly see a blender and a not so much blender!

    Heres my Blooming 9....next up it goes on the long arm!


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