Suggestions for a Quilting Machine

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by , 01-27-2012 at 01:39 PM (950 Views)
I am interested in buying a sewing machine, for both sewing and quilting. I'm not a beginner, but my memory has been affected by chemotherapy so, I should get one that has ease of use as a feature, just in case. I will have to keep on learning how to use it, because my short term memory is that bad.

I'm expecting to pay about $600. If it makes a big difference, I can spend up to $1000 at the utmost, obviously prefer to spend less. If I had my desire, it'd be a dressmaker, quilting, embroidery with USB, and serging. However, I'm perfectly ok with buying a separate serger.

I'm not interested in buying just for name, easy bobbin and easy threading would be sweet features. Lighted also. It does not have to be portable, I'm not planning on moving this thing around.

I'd really appreciate your help trying to narrow it down, there are so many out there...

My initial ideas were:
Singer Futura SES-2000
Brother HE-240
Husqvarna - Viking Emerald 183



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