SUPER excited!! Major Fabric Haul!!!! (Picture heavy - sorry! :) )

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by , 01-27-2012 at 06:55 PM (707 Views)
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Ok - so I'm new to this board and to quilting - heck sewing in general! But I am so excited about this story that I have to share (Sorry it's long but I have to explain!).

I've been crafty all of my life and lead a prayer shawl ministry at my church where we mostly knit and crochet. A lady came to my office at work (the church) and asked if we were ever be interested in fabric for quilting or making blankets. I said of COURSE! She said she was moving and selling off all of the fabric and supplies that she used for a custom bag, clothing, etc business. She apparently had a sale this last weekend selling the fabric for $1 a piece, no matter if it was 1 yard or 10 yards!!! She had some left over and wanted to pick out some fabric to give to our group.

Of course, when I heard this I was like wow awesome, but could I maybe come pick out some to BUY from you for my own stash too?! She was happy for me to do that and I said I might bring my mom too, who is a an awesome seamstress, embroider, heck anything to do with fabric.

So after work mom and I went to visit and walked into her driveway where she pulled out 13 large Rubbermaid bins of fabric, notions, and patterns!!!!!! Mom and I started drooling and getting overwhelmed - how do you pick what to take?! Not to mention it was getting dark outside.

Out my mom burst with "How much would you want for it all?" And she's like "Oh I'd take $70! I've GOT to get rid of it!!!"

SOLD!!!!! we packed up my mom's van right then and there and came home with the haul! Below are pictures after spending ALL evening tonight folding fabric onto comic book boards. We weren't even able to fold 1/4 of it! Mom and I will be splitting this up and sharing it all, but OMG to go from wishing I had a fabric stash to having one for $35 is INSANE! I was just sitting there the day before this happened wondering how I could afford to buy fabric for all the quilts I want to try to make! Oh and she told us to take the rubbermaid containers and I was about to go buy a bunch of them to organize things in our home - so double score! Here are pictures from tonight's folding session and then pictures of what is left to fold, the notions, boxes of patterns, ball fringe, ribbon, binding, etc etc etc.!!!!

This is what's left to organize, fold, etc:

Thanks for letting me share and being excited with me.

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  1. erstan947's Avatar
    I have found that blessings come when we least expect them. What a wonderful blessing that has come your way. Enjoy.......
  2. stitchingpost's Avatar
    God soooooooooooo good.wish I was there
  3. jigs1354's Avatar
    OMG!!! what a find! Never say wish I had too loud. You may just get it and then some!!
    What a wonderful assortment of fabrics & colors. Boy your not going to have to shop for fabrics for years lady.
    I think that's every quilters dream to find a stash like you did.
    $70.00 was an amazing price to say the least.
    No more wishing for you until we see a finished quilt with your lovely fabrics.

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