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I need some prayers & a little help regarding Susan.

Susan has continued to get worse over the past several months and we don't expect to have her with us for much longer. Susan's kidneys have shut down once and are at danger of shutting down again, she has also developed blood clots over several areas including her lungs.

Susan has tried to stay optimist and prays constantly to be healed and on the road to recovery. She fears never seeing her son again who is also taking this very hard. Cody at 21 years old never dreamed he would lose his Mom
so quickly but has watched her suffer so much and it has taken a toll on him.

I hope it is not asking to much but if anyone has a moment and could drop her a card of prayer & encouragement I would be forever grateful.

I am asking for this help because I sent Susan a flower arrangement that she received today, it was a Teddy Bear in a basket holding a little bag of candy and the flowers they put in the arrangement were absolutely stunning with the most colorful arrangement even I had ever seen.
Susan was so excited when the delivered it she thought they had taken it to the wrong room. I saw for the 1st. time in a long time a smile on her face with sparkle in her eyes as she raved about how beautiful it was. (Susan) is crazy about Teddy Bears, she said she will add it to her collection of Teddy Bears & it will have it's own special place.

I am sorry if I sound like I am rambling on but, I myself am having trouble accepting this. If there were any way I could trade places with her I would do anything to be able to do that. I know everything happens for a reason but this just does not seem fair. Susan has always tried to help everyone else and not asking anything for her self.
Being paralyzed at 16 she has accomplished so much considering all the medical problems she has encountered since then.

If you have a moment and could drop her a card of prayer & encouragement I would be forever in your debt.

Susan is at the following hospital:

Bayshore Medical Center
4000 Spencer Highway
Room 4033
Pasadena, Texas 77504

I want to thank you for all your support in the past and for anything you can find it in your heart to bring a few more smiles to her face while she is still with us.
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  1. JanetM's Avatar
    Hi Pat,
    Thinking about you and Susan. How are both of you doing?
  2. JanetM's Avatar
    Hi Pat,

    Getting worried. How are you and Susan?
  3. JanetM's Avatar
    I see you logged on 4/18. Please let me know how things are going...please?
  4. JanetM's Avatar
    Why don't you post an update. I'll bet others are interested along with me.
  5. JanetM's Avatar about an update?

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