Tell me why I should/shouldn't buy a Singer 401A in a beaut cabinet

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by , 03-02-2019 at 03:06 AM (104 Views)
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This is the little dear.
Hello my name is Etta (goneridin2). I live in north Texas. I am new to this site and have not even started my first quilt. I am trying to put together by sewing machine and sewing desk/cabinet. {I sent you a private message about the Singer 401a and sewing desk/cabinet (No 108?) in your picture and post.}

My mother sewed all my clothes on this exact machine and desk/cabinet. It was a gift to her from my dad. It’s the only machine she ever had. Consequently, I learned to sew and did all my sewing on this same one. My mom passed away in 2002.
Having looked at the newer computerized sewing machines, I really want to replicate what my mother had. I found one in California but the seller wouldn’t ship it and I was unable to drive to pick it up.

I still have her original desk but it has damage to the top, is missing a piece of trim along the bottom of one side, and is missing a few handles on the drawers. As I mentioned I live in Texas, as well. Did you ever buy this machine and desk/cabinet? If not, can you tell me anything about where it was or how to contact the seller? I would appreciate any help you or anyone else can afford.
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