Thankful November

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by , 11-03-2011 at 04:25 AM (636 Views)
During the month of November many I know make it a point to think and something they are thankful for each day.

More often than not we tend to go from celebrating (for those who do) Halloween straight into the spirit of Christmas. Thanksgiving is thought of as a time of lots of food and a gathering of family. But do we really take time that day or during the month to think of all that we have to be thankful for?

I know many people who have suffered loss, have medical issues, are going through really rough times this year. (I just learned of a co-worker who died yesterday of cancer, and have lost two others to cancer in the last month. And have two relatives with cancer. And my list could go on.)

I am going to do my best to post each day something that I am thankful for. And since I am three days behind today will be catch up day.

1st I am thankful for a loving husband who supports my fabric addiction, my love of quilting and my quilting business. On the occasions that I quilt non-stop (made two queen size quilts complete in three day) he makes sure I eat and sleep and the house chores are taken care of.

2nd I am thankful for all my family. My son who doesn't call very often, but when he does we talk for hours. I am grateful for his service in the Army for the last 12 years and counting.

3rd (today) I am thankful for the beauty of the day. To enjoy the view from my deck that God has blessed us with.

Feel free to add what you are thankful for here on my blog if you wish or start your own.

In the joy of being a quilter with so many great co-quilters I have come to know here and around the world ----


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  1. QuiltingGrannie's Avatar
    4th - Friday - I am thankful for it being Friday. I have a three day weekend facing me. !
  2. QuiltingGrannie's Avatar
    Nov 5th
    Thankful today for it being Saturday. I have the day off work and a large quilt to work on for a customer. I was going to do it via the computer, but after the dream I had last night I think I will be free motioning it.
    Thankful for the talents God has given me.
  3. QuiltingGrannie's Avatar
    Nov 6th

    Thankful today for the beauty of the day. Sunshine, clear fall day. And for my quilting friends.

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