Thanksgiving Mishaps & Progress.

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by , 11-25-2011 at 07:22 PM (874 Views)
I hope everyone has had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I seemed to have had one kitchen mishap after another (so unlike me). I even had a pie coming fresh out of the oven on the way to the cooling racks go SPLAT. This was after I had gotten the filling all in my hair and on my clothes as I was mixing it. All I could do was laugh it off and make another one. Then I spilt raisins EVERYWHERE! To end the night, I spilt hot candied yams/ the juice all in my refrigerator and on me. For someone who loves to cook, this was not my day to be in the kitchen at all!

I managed to get a few small squares fold/ironed so I'm about at block #25-#48. So it is about time to stop and go back and sew them together. This will take 144 blocks total for a King CW. I have still been searching on how to create a group for this with no success. Not giving up, I will keep reading and searching.

We have some rain and cooler weather coming in tomorrow. I foresee a day of coffee/hot chocolate and sewing.
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