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by , 04-02-2012 at 04:11 PM (1241 Views)
Boy is it HOT! and it's only the first of April! I can not believe the weather this year! I'm not much of an outdoor person anymore. Used to love to go fishing but we just don't go much. DH can't handle rough ground much and so we are limited on areas he can navigate. I am just such a wimp anymore. I'd rather be inside where it is nice and cool and I always have tons of stuff to do.

I do enjoy going outside with the grands as long as it isn't too hot or too cold. I'm so not into the outdoors anymore. I grew up playing in the timber but I can't walk that far anymore and it takes alot of energy to do the walking we used to do.

I would love to go mushroom hunting but it isn't going to happen. I miss having fresh morels to fry. Wish someone would share!! LOL

My cousin Jarren stopped by with his family yesterday. They live in Minnesota and we are in Iowa so I don't see them. When they come home to visit his parents (my aunt and uncle) they are usually in a hurry and only here for a day or so with lots of family to see. I haven't seen him since he was a kid. I do have pics my aunt sends me alot. He is 42 now and that is so hard to believe!! He is a twin and the twins were 5 when I got married. I actually reconnected with him on Facebook. I sent out friend requests to all my cousins on there and some other members of my family I rarely if never see. One is an uncle I loved dearly as a child. He answered me back and I was thrilled to reconnect with him. My aunt his wife keeps in touch through my other aunt who lives in our community. My uncles one son also answered me back and I haven't seen that cousin in over 20 years. I hate that we all have lost touch. but my aunt Janet (Jarren's mom) keeps me in touch through emails and phone calls.

I also connected to a very close childhood friend who became a missionary to the Phillipines and I haven't seen in 42 years. I was so excited to be able to connect with Jay after all these years. His mom keeps us up on his goings on but I loved being able to talk to Jay on Facebook and see his life in the Philliipines. As kids I stayed with them when Mom needed a babysitter. They were family friends closely entwined with my whole family. Jay and Judy and I spent lots of time together as kids. They lived on a farm and when there I had to do chores along with Jay and Judy. It was expected. But it was fun too. We would go back to the far pasture and bring up the milking cows. I helped attach the milking machines. As a little girl my grandpa tried to teach me to milk by hand but I didn't have the strength in my hands to do it right. But attaching the miling machines wasn't as hard. Course I was older by then too.

Keith their dad sold milk to a company so we also helped clean the tank he used inside and out and helped pump the milk.

We used to have alot of fun together. While bringing the cows up we played in the cow tank (water tank like a large tin bathtub. They kept goldfish in the tank to keep the moss and green stuff down. It was fun to see the fish in the tank. They grew as big as a catfish in a pond.

We played hide and seek in the cornfields when they were tall. It was fun to play with the piglets when there were litters of pigs. Noone told us it was dangerous. We cleaned pens and moved hogs around without any thought of danger.

Leftovers from supper always went over the fence to slop the hogs. I was always around cows and hogs and chickens as a kid. Out of the three the chickens were the worst!! LOL I hated having to step into the smaller chicken house. They would fly up and try to attack you because it scared them. Grandpa and Grandma had a long chicken house with lots of nesting boxes along the wall. It had a lot more room and my cousin Jim and I played in there alot as the floor was a combination of sand and straw. Just right for making roads for the metal tractors and dump trucks Jim had.

Lots of good childhood memories.
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