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Ties that Bind Us ..

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by , 04-27-2012 at 07:54 PM (1108 Views)
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I love her Cobbled Court series. The main character starts out by separating from her husband, taking off driving and coming to a town with a Cobbled lane that she follows. In the center of the lane is Cobbled Court and an empty building that would be perfect for a quilt shop. The series are all based on different customers and/or employees of the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop. I love Marie's character development. She does a great job!
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  1. grann of 6's Avatar
    Hey Dreaner, where ya' been? We're all over at my blog, Grannof 6 Quilting with Animals, come join us! Here:
  2. Marsha19's Avatar
    Was fortunate to meet Marie Bostwick this week at Paducah. She was SOoooo nice. Autographed her new book, then insisted that my husband take a picture of us together. Just gracious and very friendly. Marsha
  3. ICU_FOSTERMOM's Avatar
    Hi Dreamer,
    How are You ? !!!. I miss seeing You. When I just signed on this morning I was on a different page than usual and I saw Your name. I will let You know when I get pics of Ruthie downloaded I will let You know. Lots of changes in her life.She is now 5 1/2 and starting kindergarten at the end of this month.
    Looking forward to hearing from You. Take care

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