tin lizzie 18 problems

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by , 05-06-2012 at 07:22 PM (944 Views)
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Is anyone else having the same or similer problems with their tin lizzie 18. My mother is practically devistated. She has had her's for almost a year. Absolutley loves it, but the stitch regulator has gone out 4 times, and other minor problems, the company has given her a hard time from the beginning saying it was her house, starting out blaming it on static electricity, to now blaming it on her wiring in the house. She has put humidifiers in the house, a static pad to stand on when she quilts, touches metal before she touches the machine to discharge herself, and still no luck.

(She can do about 5 quilts and then the machine has a problem, has it fixed and the same .... it's always about 5 quilts and then something happens)

She just told me a week ago that when they were replacing the stitch regulators they were sending rebuilt ones not new ones. So makes me wonder!!!!

The company finally consent to send her a new machine to see if it was their machine and now she is blowing fuses with this new machine. So the company continues to blame the wiring in the house. She has had the power company check the lines to the house from the outside pole and an electrician check the house and even run a special wire specifically from the braker box to the room she is long arm quilting in.

My mother has 4 other Baby loc sewing machines and has had no other problems in the home with TV's or other electronic equipment. Anyone having the same troubles with Tin Lizzy? She loves the machine and is wanting this as a hobby and not wanting to give it up she really loves it, but she is sick over the troubles she is having.
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    I have a Tin Lizzie 18 . . . my problem is that the stitches keep skipping . . I change the needle regularly and dust and oil it . . I also wipe down the poles . . any other suggestions . what could that be all about???

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